• What do I do?

    I am an experienced property investor. Using investors to fund projects I carry out buy to sell (flip) property deals and to add to my growing property portfolio.


    Earn between 5-10% on your savings!

    Do you have savings in the bank and you are considering property as a safe investment vehicle, but you don't want the hassle of ownership. Property is after all, best kept for 20 years or more to see decent returns. If you are looking for investments that span a shorter time then perhaps we can work together. Are you looking to get good returns on your savings? Invest in a project through my development company for a period of 2-5 years.


    I offer returns ranging from 5-10% depending on the amount and length of time - if you are interested in lending money to fund a project then please get in touch.


    Typical returns of 15%

    Finding excellent buy to let investments is what I do. If you are interested in adding to your portfolio then do get in touch. Sourcing fees apply. I also help landlords with their (South London) property investments. Whether it's checking out a property to see if it's a good buy, seeing if an "angle"​ is worthwhile, advising on the legal minefield that is lettings and much more. Just get in touch and start the conversation.

  • Profiles

    Showcasing my years of experience and extensive knowledge of the South London property market - check out my written blog and videos below:

    In-depth articles featuring the South London Property Market

    Read in-depth articles I've written over the years on my specialty subject - South London Property Investing!


    Video tours of my projects, my clients' projects and useful hints and tips to help you in your property investing career.

  • Property Investors' social

    Having run a successful presentation-style meeting for a few years I've scaled down the meeting to a monthly social networking-only event. An opportunity to catch up with friends and colleagues, bounce ideas off each other and meet new joint venture partners. Anyone is welcome to attend provided that they have hands-on property experience.


    Do get in touch if you are an experienced investor looking to meet like-minded people.

  • Down to South london Podcast

    To showcase South London, and all it has to offer,I've interviewed investors on their reasons why they're investing in South London - and perhaps you should too!

  • Store

    Rent2Rent Success
    Do you want to be successful in a low money down strategy? I can even teach you how to make deals work using none of your own money. Spend a day with me and my business partner in our office and be shown first hand how a successful business works. Repairs, maintenance, stacking deals and marrying up a way to finance the deal!
    Coming soon
    195.00 - 795.00
    I offer site visits or over the phone/email assistance. Do you have a project you would like me to have a look at? Are you looking to refurbish your (investment) property? I can tell you what works and what doesn't for your specific target audience. As you'll know I'm all about adding the most value for the expenditure budget set.
    Coming soon
    Coaching 1 on 1
    249.00 - 1,999.00
    I offer a wealth of experience. Whether it's Buy To Let, HMOs, legals (I am ARLA trained, I have an NFOPP Level 3 Technical Award in Lettings and Property Management) or general property business knowledge you are after, I can help. With this package I offer either a one-off session, 2x 2 hour meetings and phone/email support in between over the space of 4 weeks. A surefire way to get the knowledge you need in property! There is also an option for a 1 year programme in which we meet monthly (plus initial goal setting meeting).
    Coming soon
    Please use the contact form if you would like to be contacted to discuss having my team source and project manage an HMO acquisition for you
    Coming soon
    HMO Tour
    Would you like to see an up and running HMO? Allow me to take you to two of my properties which I have successfully purchased, refurbished and refinanced. I will talk you through the numbers and elaborate on the buying, refurbishment and refinance process.
    Coming soon
    Buy to let done well - how to make a profit buying in South London, adding value and refinancing in order to make your Return on Capital as great as possible!
    All options are out of stock
    Coming soon
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